Journey Of The Hearts 2019 ? ISLAMABAD


Timing: 09:00am To 05:00pm


Date of Event: 20 October

Venue:?Majestic Banquets Club Road, Islamabad

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Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world, is followed by more than one billion people today yet we have reached a time whereby our identity as a Muslim is one of sympathy and contempt. The flag of Islam has been at half-mast for an indefinite period and we have long forgotten how once glory was synonymous to Islam.
Revival of the past glory lies in Divine Guidance. We need to rekindle the honor of Islam by embracing the role Allah chose for us; the role of being the Khalifa on earth.
Let us take up the responsibility of being the Khalifa with the conviction that we can bring back our former splendor by coupling the experiences of the past with the expertise of the present.

Let us restore the honor of Islam today; as a better tomorrow only comes with a transformed today.

Azaan?s vision is ?To educate, coach and inspire individuals to enjoy a meaningful life.?

In 2012 Azaan started as an endeavor in response to the immense demand originating from the educated youth and intellectuals of Pakistan those who seek to establish an interactive connection with our Deen. Azaan entitles this quest as ?The Call Within?.

Azan is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-political educational initiative, which offers workshops and courses on all matters relating to the Islamic Faith using the professional multimedia material. With the blessing of Allah Subhaanahu wa ta?aala, the institute has taught over 5000 unique students. It has set standards and inspired many individuals to do notable work in their communities. The institution raise the bar on how Islamic knowledge cannot only be sought but also loved!

The purpose of Azaan Institute is to make learning Islam as easy as possible without compromising the quality. The content of the courses is developed through the integration of the Qur?an and the authentic sources of Hadith. It aims to equip students with deep understanding of Islamic Knowledge and its practical application and through this education, hopes to raise leaders from amongst them who will serve humanity at large.

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